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We project the socio-economic, environmental, human, business and moral reasons for a collective action to reduce food waste across the entire value chain.

Our vision

Performance packaging
for a world without food waste

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Change and Challenge is an initiative led by individuals and organizations concerned about food waste & the impact of plastic food packaging on the environment.
Woman opening pre-cooked food packaged in performance packaging.

The Challenge

Our global food waste crisis

Man with a food waste bag

The food and packaging industry have a moral responsibility to address food waste. We induce awareness and direct global attention to the food waste crisis.

We are committed to the reduction of food waste across the entire value chain (production/processing, supply/distribution, retail & households food waste).

Our mission

Every year, 1,3 billion tons of food is lost or wasted while millions starve. Performance packaging reduces the waste of food & resources across the value chain.

Sustainable solutions

We want to leave you with something to think about.

Our priorities

Not all plastics
are created equal

Correct misconceptions about plastics and invite discussions about the benefits of performance packaging as a resource-efficient solution to reduce food waste.


Collaborate across all stakeholders to push towards a more sustainable and recyclable food packaging solutions.


Offer actionable & sustainable solutions to reduce food waste.


Provide a platform for the public, stakeholders, brand owners, and industry players to obtain or supply concrete information about food packaging and food waste.

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